Unlimited Wifi Access
Everybody loves to have access to the internet nowadays and what better way than signing up for a deal that offers unlimited wifi access. There are a few companies that offer unlimited wifi with their mobile broadband packages.

T Mobile not only offer the dongle but they have introduced a new Wireless device called The Pointer. This mobile broadband gadget enables up to 5 devices to surf the internet at any one time. The contract unlimited wifi options will cost you £10 per month and the pointer is free of charge. Unlimited Wifi access is included within this plan so you can surf all day and night if you wish.

Unlimited Wifi
No Contract
1GB Data Included
Dongle Cost £20.42
Pay As You Go
O2 Dongle
2GB Data Included
Unlimited Wifi
PAYG Option
Only £25.74
Top Deal

Unlimited Wifi Internet Options

There are a few other unlimited wifi internet options available from the O2 network they offer the O2 dongle on 2 monthly plans with different data allowance. The 1GB contract costs £10.21 per month and provides unlimited wifi access also. There is also a 3GB contract option with also provides unlimited wifi with this deal also for only £15.32 per month. Both these unlimited wifi internet options offer free O2 dongle and come on an 18 month term.

If you don’t want to be tied in to a contract then you have the unlimited wifi internet options in the form as pay as you go. Both O2 and T Mobile offer deals in this way. O2 offer unlimited wifi access with all their 30 day dongles and deals start from only £10.21 and range up to £15.32 for 2GB. You will have to pay a small upfront fee for the dongle.

T Mobile offer a dongle on a pay per day which is another great unlimited wifi internet choice for you as you can pay from as little as £2 per day, £7 per week or £15 per month. For this unlimited wifi access option you will have an upfront cost of £19.99 for the mobile broadband dongle.

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