3 One Plan

3 one plan

3 One Plan

To say that something or someone is The One means that a person or thing is the ultimate or the best. This phrase is often used in one’s search for possessions, deals or even partners but these days, it can also refer to a mobile phone plan and in this instance the 3 one plan.

3 is one of the major UK phone networks and has three types of pay monthly contract plans. The ultimate of these plans is called The One Plan. This plan always tries to offer you the phone with no upfront costs, however, this is not always possible with handsets such as the iPhone 4. The one plan really tries to go the extra mile with generous credits that Mr or Mrs average will not complain about.

Whats Included With the One Plan

The monthly credits given with The One deals are 2000 minutes for mobile calls to any network or standard landline within the UK, 5000 minutes of calls to other 3 network numbers, 5000 texts (previously known as unlimited texts), and unlimited data allowance (all you can eat data). The minutes given for calls to other networks can be used up anytime. The same goes for the 5000 mobile minutes for making calls to other 3 numbers.

Apart from these fantastic set of mobile credits, The One plan on 3 will also let you enjoy Skype calls and Windows Live Messenger at no additional costs! Provided they are supported by the handset that you choose. You also have plenty of choices when it comes to the mobile phone. Brands are Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, LG, and ZTE. The network also offers The One deals for their refurbished mobile phones (Phone that have been handed back within the 14 day cooling of period). The One plan on a refurbished mobile has a slightly cheaper monthly tariff making these well worth looking into.

The One Plan Price starts from £25 per month

In the Unlikely event you go over your credits below is a list of the Out of bundle Costs.

  • Voicemail – Free
  • UK Texts – £0.10
  • UK landline & Other networks – £0.25/minute
  • Three to Three UK Calls – £0.10/minute
  • Video call – £0.51/minute
  • UK to foreign network Texts – £0.26
  • UK Picture Message – £0.25

The one plan is also available on 30 day sim card deals. View also Three Mobile Phone Deals for a range of phones on this plan.