4G Wifi The Future of Mobile Broadband

Today’s date is one that will go down in History as the watchdog Ofcom announced they are going to auction of 4G services as soon as possible. This is fantastic news for the users of tablet pcs, smartphones, laptops and even people living at home that don’t want the current expense of landlines bills, broadband bills, mobile broadband and so on! However, this is much more than just a saving to users, this is going to give us lightening speed mobile broadband, this will be delivered mainly via ’4G Wifi Routers’. There is also early rumors that smartphones will have 4G wifi modems built-in, this is a great idea as it will cut down on the amount of gadgets we need to carry around!

In recent weeks mobile broadband has become more popularly known as ‘mobile wifi’ thanks to the UK networks provide us with mobile wifi Modem rather than the original and well known USB connection device. The mobile wifi modem enables us to connect all our wireless devices such as ipods, ipads and smartphones to the web from the one mobile broadband connection and more importantly at the same time!

As Ofcom prepairs for 4G Auction I sit here today and ponder over the 4G Wifi network that we are going to become part of! With the wireless mobile modems and a steady 4G network it is mouth watering to know what we are in store for! 4G Wifi will enable us to watch live TV via the web without interruption, load web pages extremely fast on our tablets and smartphones from almost anywhere in the country. Of equal importance this give us an overall similar like for like speed with some of the current fastest landlines broadband available!

If you are thinking on a current mobile wifi contract you will probably be save enough to go for it as ofcom hope to auction of 4G Services in the first Quarter of 2012 so we still have a little time to wait for products such as 4G Wifi. It will also take the mobile networks a little time to get their products to market after the 4G Auction. However, I am sure there are many engineers and R&D teams around tables today discussing the Future of mobile broadband with 4G Wifi at the forefront of their minds.

Read the full article directly with Ofcom – Ofcom Prepares For 4G Mobile Auction.

This next statement may sound dramatic but its true; 4G Wifi will be a life changing product! 4G Wifi will alter how we do things in daily life, how businesses are run, how we keep in touch and how we communicate. Skype and Apples Face Time have already changed how we do things, with the introduction of 4G Wifi and Services one significant thing is Skype and Face Time will become an even bigger part of everyday life!

What Does The 4G Auction mean for the Economy?

In one simple word ‘possitive’! If you look back in time to the year 2000 the 3G Auction was worth £22.5 Billion to the UK Government from Phone Networks. If the 2012 auction for 4G Services is anywhere near as lucrative this will be a welcomed Auction for the UK Economy and can assist with the current financial deficit.

As more information regarding 4G Wifi and 4G Services becomes available we will keep you updated.