Top Up 3 Dongle
People have different reasons for signing up for a mobile broadband account. For some, they need a main Internet connection that they can anywhere. For others, they simply need a secondary account for the rare times that they need to access the web when they're on the go. For the latter, a top up 3 dongle plan is ideal.

There are many reasons why top up 3 dongles are perfect for those who do not really need to surf the Internet whenever they are out and about. For one, a top up 3 broadband dongle is not as expensive as pay monthly contracts and all are available from Mobile Phone Deal today.

Top Up 3 Dongle

3 Mifi
Pay As You Go
12GB Data Included
In Car Wifi
Only £134.99
Free In Car Charger

Top Up 3 Dongles

1GB Of Data Included
Great Mobile Broadband
No Lengthy Contract
Dongle Cost £29.99
Top PAYG Dongle

Top Up 3 Broadband Dongle Plans

In the long run, you will not be spending a lot of money on a top up 3 dongle. This is great because there is no point on spending too much on a contract that you will not be using much anyway. Another reason why top up 3 dongles are great is that they give you several choices when it comes to the amount of top up you want to enjoy.

The first step that you need to take to a avail of a top up 3 broadband dongle plan is to purchase the dongle for only £19.99. After that, you purchase top up that you can convert to Internet add-ons. The add-ons come with data limit ranging from 1GB to 7GB. The 1GB add-on costs only £10. The 3GB add-on is priced at £15 while the 7GB one costs only £35. All add-ons are valid for only 30 days.
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