Orange Dongle
Orange, a leading telecommunications company in the UK, has introduced another great product with their mobile broadband deals, the Orange Dongle.

With Orange mobile broadband, you will be able to stay in touch with your friends or stay on top of your business affairs anywhere you go.

When you sign up for a mobile broadband deal with Orange, you will be given an Orange dongle. This will be given for free or for a certain fee, depending on the package you get.

This Orange broadband dongle will enable you to connect to the Internet wherever there is coverage.
Orange Dongle
1GB Data
1 Month Contract
Free Dongle
Only £15
Top Online Deal!
Orange Wifi
1GB Data
Unlimited Public Wifi
1GB Quiet Time
Only £20
Great Offer!
Orange Mobile Dongle
1GB Data
1GB Quiet Tim
Free Dongle
Only £20
Unlimited Wifi!

Orange Broadband Dongle

Considering that Orange has coverage all over the nation and in other countries, you will be sure of fast connection speeds anywhere you go.

And yes, you can also connect to the Internet using your Orange dongle in many countries all over Europe.

Using your Orange broadband dongle is quiet easy. Obviously, you will no longer need a landline phone. All you have to do is plug the Orange WiFi dongle into your laptop or PC. Then follow the prompts that pop up on your screen. After a few seconds, you will be connected to the Internet.

With your Orange dongle, you can get up to 3.6 Mbps connection speeds. Of course, speed will vary according to the coverage in your location. And depending on the mobile broadband bundle you get, you will receive up to 5GB data usage every month. This is an incredible deal that any person on the go should not pass up.
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