Mobile Dongle
While almost everyone these days most likely go online with their mobile phones, doing so is still infinitely better using a laptop. If you carry your laptop around with you all day long, you don't have to look for a good WiFi signal to go online. All you need is a mobile dongle.

Mobile phone dongles are small USB devices that you simply plug into your laptop. The program is easy to install and getting is quite easy on the pockets, too. Much like phone plans, mobile phone dongles are offered on pay monthly and pay as you go.

Mobile Phone Dongle

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Mobile Phone Dongle

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Mobile Dongles

Network providers that you can choose to pick your mobile dongle contract plan from are O2, 3, Orange, Virgin, T-Mobile, and Vodafone.

Plans with mobile dongles are offered with a set data allowance. These range from 500MB to 15GB per month. Contract length varies, too. Contract plans with mobile dongles can last between 1 month and 24 months. Typically, the longer deals will offer you the mobile dongle without extra fees. If you choose a rolling 1 month plan, though, you will be asked to pay a fee for the USB dongle first. The price, however, is not that high.

Those who will not be using this type of broadband services a lot can consider getting a pay as you go deal instead. Typically, you will only need to purchase the dongle and then top it up according to your browsing needs.
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